APRIL 2017 – Festival of Cultures – Coming Soon! 

OCTOBER 2015 – Present:  Paris team undertake Refugee Relief Efforts for refugees fleeing the middle east to Europe.  Some of our collaborative efforts included:  Photo Gallery

  • Coat Drive with The American School of Paris
  • Visiting Trains of Hope in Dusseldorf & Cologne, Germany
  • Taking supplies and meals to 3000 refugees at Grande Synthe
  • Shoes and clothing out-reach to refugees in the streets Streets of Paris
  • Visiting Greece and helping with the boat arrivals
  • Jordan visits to help finance Iraqi refugee families
  • Sustaining Syrian families and their children until the can gain refugee status
  • Soccer Day Camp for Refugee and German children, sponsored by Puma

APRIL 2013 – Dailey Dance Recital & Dailey Dance Raffle featuring the Dailey Dance Team and numerous private and corporate sponsors. – April 20th, 2013 at Marymount School in Neuilly/Seine, France.

APRIL 2013 – EcGEM team goes to Kenya from Paris & the US taking French duvets for the new bunk-beds in the new complex for the orphanage in Oyugis.  Dailey Dance funds help to finish the water tower and to fund the launching of the Makate/Freedom Pads Project.

First Impact Holiday student joins the team, Emily raises funds for vitamins, sewing supplies and to help with a new well and gets a Impact Gift donation from Pieceful Hearts Fabrics (101 yards of fabric) to help launch the Makate Freedom Pads project.

MARCH 2013 – EcGEM founder Nicole Lafrance on-site in the Dominican Republic helping widows and advancing with the Education is the Key to their Future Project – Dailey Dancers help to support students, teachers and their on-going education.

JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2013 – 2 Art with a Purpose Events featuring EcGEM Ambassadors Pamela Walt ChauveLynette & BeTOON Design at the Dailey Studio & Paris Country Club

JUNE 2012 – Impact Arts 22  & Etsy Store launching with featured artist Noemi Pau – Paris Raffle for Kenya!

May 2012 – EcGEM team goes to Kenya – Kicks for Kenya and beginnings of the Makate / Freedom Pads Project

April 2012 – Art with a Purpose  Event at the Casino de Paris:

March 2012 – California Movement in Paris – FUXIA concert raising funds for Kenya

November 2011 – Launching of Every Child is a GEM Birthday Parties:  GEMS TO GEMS program

September 2011 – Launching of Dailey Dance as an official Every Child is a GEM Dance Program

August 2010 – Every Child is a GEM becomes a recognized 501c3 in the USA.  Team goes to Africa and launches the ”Beads with a Purpose” project.

June 2010 – Launched “Education is the Key to Their Future” fundraising project for our work in the Dominican Republic. Through FUSION, an exciting and creative dance performance held at the Casino de Paris, we began our continuing partnership with The Casino de Paris, Artesan Dance Company and Dailey Dance.

September 2008 – Every Child is a GEM “officially” launched.   Filed papers in the USA and France to become non-profits in each country. December 2008 – Every Child is a GEM’s  first fundraisers at the American School in Paris and at The Dailey Method Paris , raising over 5,000 euros for the “Beads with a Purpose” Project to support orphans and widows in Kenya.



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