ecgemkenya Every Child is a Gem works with The Mission to the Fatherless orphanages who currently house ninety children at two locations. Over the years, Every Child is a Gem has helped build a well and two water tanks/towers as well as sponsored children  at both orphanages.  Our fundraising has helped install an iron gate around the property and started sustainable businesses.  We've rented land and started some farms around Kenya one acre at a time. We also now have a registered NGO in Kenya since 2013.   It is in Kakamega and has trained several students, an instructor in IT and other computer skills. This training, which is under a certificate program commissioned by the county government with Every Child is a Gem, has enabled many to receive gainful employment. This program will be expanding throughout the scope of the ECGEM NGO Catchment Area. Every Child is a Gem has started a one room elementary school for children excluded from joining primary school, due to their lacking basic skills.  Currently, they provide breakfast and lunch for 50 pupils, living in poverty.  They follow the curriculum used in the Kenyan schools.  This also is in Kakamega.

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