IMG_6808 EVERY CHILD IS A GEM believes that each individual has multiple treasures locked inside of them and that when these treasures or “gems” are excavated and polished, each one becomes a positive transformer of society.

EMERGING GEMS:  We provide hope and tools to those that are disadvantaged by poverty, abandonment, slavery, human trafficking, abuse and homelessness to bring them into wholeness and help them discover their "gem" within.

RELEASING GEMS:  We offer opportunities and platforms for those that wish to use their gifts and talents so they discover to a greater extent their own "gem" or worth.

RELATIONSHIP is the core value of Every Child is a Gem -  going beyond doing to being.
  • Out of relationship, the organisation began
  • In relationship we have learned to love, create, expand vision and communicate across nations
  • Through relationship we establish friendships, bring change, hope and vision that extends beyond Every Child is a Gem itself.
WHOLENESS & HOPE:   - This is the end result we envision. Beyond only providing basic necessities (safety, refuge, food, education, etc.) we help individuals step into self-sufficiency, restoration and community.  It is together that we shine as the gems we are all called to be.   Butterfly logo