Every Child is a GEM – Dominican Republic Ambassador, Nicole Lafrance, has
been advocating and initiating education opportunities for the children of Muñoz
since 2004.

The Goal:    That Every Child in the Muñoz community be given the opportunity
to discover their “GEM” through the means of going to school and obtaining an

Muñoz is a village located in the former sugar cane fields in the Dominican
Republic. The residents living in Muñoz are mostly of Haitian descent seeking
work opportunities not available to them in Haiti.  For many years the majority of
their children had no legal documents, making education inaccessible. From
2004 to 2015 makeshift classrooms were created in order to provide education
for all children. Today we have many success stories of young adults who
attended those classrooms. Currently immigration regulations are changing and
the majority of children are now able to attend local Dominican schools.

In 2009 -2010 through the help of generous donors, land was purchased to build
an Educational/Training Center.  We now have a small center that houses two
classrooms and a health clinic. The goal remains the same: education/training/employment opportunities for a better future. In 2016 we are looking to expand by offering language (French and English) and computer labs for people of all ages as well as train and create small business opportunities for widows and single mothers.

Your tax-deductible donation in France & the USA will open doors for each GEM
to access education and skill training opportunities empowering them for a better

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