Every Child is a GEM uses arts and education to empower orphans and widows in the nations….

Every Child is a GEM believes each child (each individual) is a hidden GEM and that by helping that child discover their GEM, embrace it and encourage it, you empower them to rise above current circumstances,  pursue their potential and become enhancing members of their society.

Every Child is a GEM offers YOU the opportunity to become GEM Ambassadors and use your own GEM to bring self-worth, necessary life-skills and resources to orphans and widows in the nations that have not yet had the opportunity to discover their own GEM within.

Every Child is a GEM has organically grown through relationships.  We believe that the most effective and lasting way to change the world is through purposeful relationships.  Therefore, all fundraising projects and events have been birthed out of our personal relationships with those who are directly involved in implementing Every Child is a GEM financed programs on-site.

Every Child is a GEM is currently run 100% by volunteers (GEM Ambassadors).  All overhead and administrative costs are covered by private donations earmarked “Admin”. With this 100% Model, you can be assured that all of your donation goes directly to the orphans and widows. Every Child is a GEM is registered as a non-profit organization 501 (c ) 3 in the USA and 1901 in France. All donations to Every Child is a GEM are deductible to the full extent of current tax law.

If you would like to join Every Child is a GEM in this endeavor, become one of our          GEM Ambassadors or partner with us on GEM Events, please contact us at: info@everychildisagem.com